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Also, I want to do Monty Python vs. TKITH, but Python has 6 members and TKITH has 5. So I decided to bring out another Canadian actor to help out the Kids.

Monty Python'S Flying Circus
Terry Gilliam, Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin

The Kids in the Hall
Bruce McCulloch, Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson + Who?

Canadia, we love you.


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I've decided to switch it back to 3 episodes a season for the ease of the artists.
So, Episode 4 of Season One will become Episode 1 of Season Two.

That means we have 2 episodes for Season Two already.



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Argh Matey.
The layout looks like it came out of Madonna's bra...
You need to get a sub-non-crappy layout until you can find someone to do a good one.

I'm glad to hear the other stuff is coming along nicely, though.



We now have a crew.

Season One Artist: Kaitlin
Season Two Artist: Melanie
Season Three Artist: Matt

Co-Writer: Brumtarist

Swell, eh?

All we need now is a certain season one artist who works :D.